Every photographer now and again experiences this moment when they log into the back end of their website to sit down and create a blog post that is long overdue.

(one week old)

(one week old)

In January of this year after a long and hard pregnancy this joyful and calm being entered our world right on time. The older sibling, almost four now, is stubborn and precocious and proud. This one however, is a blank canvas and has become my latest muse.

This little being and the one that came before are who I have spending my time with and why the blog has been so quiet. But now, while they are both asleep and in bed (I hope) I will share some simple tips on photographing babies.

 (3 weeks old, above right) and (3 months old, top right and bottom left)

 (3 weeks old, above right) and (3 months old, top right and bottom left)

Be Patient At one week they sleep so much, so take advantage of that. Have your client nurse their baby before you attempt to pose them and understand that babies although they are fairly flexible, are also incredibly unpredictable. I always build in an extra half hour at least for crying and cooing and changing,,,and then, changing again. 

Natural Light I prefer window light as this natural light provides a natural warmth for the body's skin tone. I also enjoy prime lenses like my 50mm or my 35mm lenses which allow for sharp focus and a large FStop. But in a tight space it can leave you with little space as you are your zoom moving backward and forward toward your subject to frame the shot.

Attention Once the baby is 3 months old you may start getting some smiles or laughs. Babies will generally smile when you smile at them at this age. You can have mom or dad stand behind you and talk to and smile at the baby or even shake a rattle. 

Mock Studio You can use a Boppy or a blanket rolled up under another blanket to prop up a baby. I ofter set up in whatever room has the most available light and it is often not the nursery.

Textures are amazing! My philosophy is that babies are simply a blank slate and have fine delicate details so adding in a beautiful intricate blanket or quilt can add in some color in a snap.

Do you have any questions or tips on photographing babies that you would like to share? If you do pease leave me a comment below.