I had the joy of documenting Sam's first ever Easter egg dyeing experience. We started with some white cage-free eggs from the local market. Of course...#yuppie Then we hard-boiled the eggs. Later that day, I heard this great story on NPR about steaming eggs. Check out the great video from this story here for how to "steam" your eggs.  We then used food coloring, vinegar and water to dye our eggs.

1/2 Cup Boiling Water

1 tsp. Distilled White Vinegar

10 Drops of food coloring

You will also want wax paper or newspaper and if you have one, a tarp under your table is a plus. We also used a metal whisk to dip the eggs in the different colors. 

Then we hid the eggs in the backyard in plain view for Sam to find. I used my nifty fifty for all of these images for the light that it allowed indoors, the narrow depth of field that it provided and the beautiful bokeh that I love. 

I hope you had a Happy Easter!